All that is left to do is mulch the planting once it’s established for ease of maintaining. 
It really is a stunning, usable space now compared to how it was before. 
Credit to all the sub contractors used on this project, to help create this great space.

– Grey sandstone paving edged with granite cobbles.
– New brick and block retaining wall with steps. Oak sleeper retaining wall also.
– all borders cleared and replanted with hardy, low maintenance shrubs and perennials.
– new hornbeam and beach hedges
– new circular lawn
– meadow ploughed in, prepped and re-seeded with a wildflower/grass mix. Over 25 new trees planted.
– Front drive cleared out. Hardcored, consolidated and fresh shingle spread.

Can’t wait to return in a few months when the meadow has grown and the plants have established!!